Palette & Page Workshop – Spiral Kumihomo Key Chain

Spiral Kumihimo Key Chain with Lynn Strano-Whitt, Jewelry Artist
Introducing a new Kumihimo braiding technique! This is a 12 strand braiding technique that produces an interesting raised spiral
pattern. You will learn how to set up your Kumihimo disc and create a unique key chain using silk cords and beads. This project is greatfor the novice or experienced braider! Don’t need a key chain? You could make a bracelet instead. All materials and tools provided bythe instructor. Kumihimo discs and kits will be available for purchase.
Level: Beginner Cost: $35

Palette & Page Workshop – Moon Journaling for Self Care

Moon Journaling for Self Care with Debbie Gill, Author
Moon journaling is an easy and effective way to deepen your self-care routine. Intentional alignment means becoming aware of the moon phases and how that energy ebbs and flows in your life. Learn what the themes are and how to harness the energy for each of the eight phases. Writing prompts will be provided. Please bring a pen/pencil and a journal or writing paper. We start on the New Moon. 
Level: Beginner Cost: $30

Palette & Page Workshop – Beginning Calligraphy (Capitals)

Beginning Calligraphy – Capitals with Patti Paulus, Calligrapher & Book Maker
Patti is always thrilled to share her love of letters so why not add capitals to your lettering skillset! In this class you will learn the
foundations of strong calligraphic capital letters. (And remember, you don’t have to have good handwriting to learn calligraphy!) The workshop focus will be on creating Roman Capitals with only 6 basic strokes written with a broad edged tool.  The perfect addition for those who’ve already taken the Italic or Bookhand class, each student can expect to receive several exemplars (templates), writing paper suitable for calligraphy. Calligraphic writing tools will be available for your use with an option to purchase at the end of the workshop.  If you purchased a Pilot Parallel Pen, in a previous class please bring it with you. Plan to slow down and meditatively practice the flow of black ink on paper to create beautiful letters. 
Level: Any Level Cost: $56

Palette & Page Workshop – Pure Imagination: Healing with Humor in the Workplace and Home

Pure Imagination: Healing with Humor in the Workplace and Home with Scott Mason, Master’s Degree in Education: College
With work stress, the depressing daily news, being attached to devices and computers or finding yourself saying “never enough time”- it is easy to forget to take care of “number one.” Find out easy steps to take during lunch hour, coffee break, driving, etc. to relax, refocus, and let your inner-child back out for a little fun and safe detoxing.
Level: Beginner Cost: $30