Palette & Page Workshop – Moon Journaling for Self Care

Moon Journaling for Self Care with Debbie Gill, Author
Moon journaling is an easy and effective way to deepen your self-care routine. Intentional alignment means becoming aware of the moon phases and how that energy ebbs and flows in your life. Learn what the themes are and how to harness the energy for each of the eight phases. Writing prompts will be provided. Please bring a pen/pencil and a journal or writing paper. We start on the New Moon. 
Level: Beginner Cost: $30

Palette & Page Workshop – Pure Imagination: Healing with Humor in the Workplace and Home

Pure Imagination: Healing with Humor in the Workplace and Home with Scott Mason, Master’s Degree in Education: College
With work stress, the depressing daily news, being attached to devices and computers or finding yourself saying “never enough time”- it is easy to forget to take care of “number one.” Find out easy steps to take during lunch hour, coffee break, driving, etc. to relax, refocus, and let your inner-child back out for a little fun and safe detoxing.
Level: Beginner Cost: $30

Palette & Page Workshop – Fictional Craftsmanship

Fictional Craftsmanship with Tom Glenn, Author
Writing good fiction requires creativity and craftsmanship, sometimes called technique or style. Creativity is innate; it can’t be taught. But craftsmanship is a learnable skill required to produce a publishable manuscript, work that will engage a reader to the point that she forgets she’s reading. This presentation offers the rudiments of craftsmanship unique to fiction—basic reference materials, formatting, copy editing, and wording and structure, with a primer on the construction of dialogue. 
Level: Any Level Cost $15

Palette & Page Workshop – Introduction to the Chakras

Introduction to the Chakras with Debbie Gill, Author
What is a chakra? How many are there? Why are they important? Discover the inner world of your energetic system that plays a key role in the balance and health of our bodies. Ancient cultures knew that all living things had a life force within them. In human beings, this life force, or energy, is the chakra system. Learn the body parts associated with each chakra, how to determine if it is over- or under-active, and how to use this information to connect physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances leading to a healthier and harmonious life.
Level: Beginner Cost: $35

Palette & Page Workshop – Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking 101 with Scott Mason, Master’s Degree in Education: College Counseling
Do you find yourself having heart palpitations at the very thought of speaking in front of a few people, let alone doing a presentation at work, speaking in front of the PTA or a committee/group on which you serve? Fear not, there are many tricks to turn your fears into fortune (well at least a more comfortable outcome!). Learn how to best prepare for talking with confidence and clarity.
Level: Beginner Cost: $30

Palette & Page Workshop – The Truth of What Parents Should Know About College Choices

Universities and colleges have changed quite a bit since today’s parents of college-approaching children went to University. Now more than ever the hallowed halls of education are now more of a business and students/parents are the customers. What should you know about the Family Educational Privacy Act (FERPA), private vs public schools, sizes of schools, fees, the realities of current Greek Life, and more before helping your family make the right choice? Come find out in this truthful and informative workshop on today’s schools. Learn the right questions to ask today when you go on your many tours of potential schools.
Scott worked for the University of Delaware for over 30 years and was nationally recognized for his work in diversity, Greek Life and campus programming.
Level: Beginner Cost: $35