Palette & Page Workshop – Leather Bound Hand Sewn Book

Leather Bound Hand Sewn Book with Patti Paulus
Calligrapher & Book Maker Patti loves making books of all kinds! In this 2 part one-day workshop you will create your own leather bound sketchbook or journal using up-cycled leather and artist quality paper.  No sewing experience required!  Not only will you leave with your own beautiful handmade book, but you will have skills to make more for sharing and giving. Everything you need will be supplied. If you do have a cork-backed metal ruler (at least 12” long) and/or a utility knife or exacto knife with extra blades, please bring them with you.   If you took Patt’s paste paper class, feel free to bring some of your own along – otherwise you’ll have plenty of hers to choose from. The hour in-between will be a lunch break while the glue dries on our covers.  Feel free to bring a lunch or head over to C3ntral Tavern.
Level: Any Level. Cost: $48

Palette & Page Workshop – Wire Wrapped Links Bracelet

Wire Wrapped Links Bracelet with Lynn Strano-Whitt, Jewelry Artist
Have you tried some wire work before, but are ready to step up to the next level? This is the workshop for you! In this two part
workshop, you will learn how to use a wire jig to create consistent links which will then be wire wrapped to form a bracelet using a two wire weave and accent beads of your choosing. You will leave this workshop with a finished bracelet as well as written directions for the wire weave technique. This is a beginner level course, however, it is advised that you have worked with wire and jewelry making tools previously (check out Lynn’s Wire Wrapped Copper Loop Bracelet in March!). All materials and tools provided by the instructor. Feel free to bring your own tools if you have them and bring your reading glasses 
Level: Beginner Cost: $45

Palette & Page Workshop – Ice Dyed Silk Scarf

Ice Dyed Silk Scarf with Sarah Dressler, Textiles Artist – Ice dying creates a one of a kind ephemeral pattern that can’t be repeated, creating unique works of beauty that you can wear. You will be provided with 2 silk scarves and a wide variety of dyes. Each scarf will be graced with subtle shifts in value and stunning contrasts as the ice melts and carries the fiber reactive dye to the silk. The process takes about 24 hours, after the workshop to be complete. The instructor will complete the process, she will steam set the colors, launder and iron each scarf, they will be available to pick up at The Palette & The Page 2 days later. *Optional – You may bring in other items to dye; they must be a natural fiber (cotton, linen, rayon, or silk) and they must be pre-washed. If you would like to dye an article of clothing you already own as long as it is white/pale color, clean and a natural fiber we can work with it.
Level: Any Level Cost $55

Palette & Page Workshop – Quilled Fine Silver Earrings

Quilled Fine Silver Earrings with Debbie Arnold, Quilling Artist
Once again, Debbie puts on her art clay hat for this workshop. Art clay, when fired, becomes fine silver! Learn to use a pin board to make fine silver quilled earrings. All tools and supplies will be provided. Bring your own reading glasses. Actual work time will be two hours. We will then return to pickup finished pieces around 3.
Level: Any Level. Cost $35

Cecil County Arts Council – Acrylic Birdhouse Workshop

Come paint your very own gourd birdhouse at the arts council with Jennifer Lex Wojnar. You will receive one gourd birdhouse to paint. There are many stencils available, or you can free hand any design you like. This is an all ages classes. Bring your own snack and drink to enjoy during the class. The cost is $35.00 per person, registrations is required. You can register online at, or by contacting CCAC at 410-392-5740 or email